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Freeze Dried Wild Blueberries

Freeze Dried Wild Blueberries

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Get ready to embark on a sensational taste journey!

The epitome of flavor and nutrition. We take immense pride in offering the most flavorful and nutrient-packed wild blueberries in the world. Sourced from pristine forests and carefully freeze-dried, our wild blueberries retain their natural sweetness, vibrant color, and incredible health benefits.

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, these little powerhouses are sure to leave your taste buds dancing with delight while nourishing your body from the inside out. Experience the pure essence of wild blueberries in every bite with Wise Harvest Freeze Dried Wild Blueberries.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts: Servings: 24,  Serv. Size: .33 oz (10g),

Amount Per Serving: Calories 40, Total Fat 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%), Total Carbohydrate 9g (3%), Dietary Fiber 2g (7%), Total Sugars 6g (0%), Protein 0g (0%)

Ingredients: Blueberries

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